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Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

U.S. Department of State

Western Area Power Administration

USA Weather

Israel Meteorological Service

Municipality of Jerusalem


EMR4 Doctors

Exemplo Medical

QLD Health

Nth Technologies Inc

Erasmus University

Universität Rostock IAT

University of Louisiana at Monroe

University of Southern California

Horse Passport Agency Ltd.


Agastha, Inc.

NSF International

CPP Corporation


Rand-Whitney Group LLC

Benik Corp.

Web Classic Design

Cramster Inc.

Americas Home Place

MTS Technologies Inc.

Friends of the Earth




Gamewood, Inc.



Creations By You

True Digital Entertainment



and many many others ...


J-Painter is a professional grade drawing tool that is untouchable in its flexibility, ease of use, and support quality. It was a snap to integrate into our J2EE based medical records application and required absolutely no server side components. With today's prominence of web based application ideologies, the need to provide standalone quality functionality through a browser has become the developers biggest hurtle. Kudos to J-Painter for elegantly solving the issue with client side drawing and image annotation!

Rick Tully
Vice President Engineering, 
MDTeknix, Inc.

Great Product, we use it for allowing coaches to draw their own drills for sports coaching to complement our online coaching libraries.


We needed an image annotator to use with a pilot online referral system between GP's and Hospitals. The annotator needed to be flexible and powerful but also easy to use and light on system resources. We were initially impressed with J-Painter, not just because it fulfilled all of our needs, but also because of the costing. Implementation was simple enough and any queries we did have were dealt with quickly and professionally, and always in a friendly way by Igor Zhukovsky.

Richard Pountney
Bristol, UK.

J-Painter is used on a private server so there is no link for the public.

Since 1996, I have been searching for a program like J-Painter -- other programs in Perl, C++ and Java caught my attention, but none of them included all the features I needed, and most of them were heavy on resource usage and large in file size, not to mention too much of a hassle for "everyman" to use conveniently.
J-Painter covers all the bases -- it's light on both the server and the home computer, easy-to-use for even the technologically challenged, and so flexible that developers can follow almost any path with it -- wherever you want to go, J-Painter leads the way. It partners easily with Perl, PHP, Javascript, databasing, etc. -- its possibilities seem limited only by the imagination.
Thank you, Igor Zhukovsky, for a fast and elegant draw package with numerous options. Your customer service is first class, too, and I look forward to your future productions.

Nell Bolen
Virginia, USA


Our web-based art gallery has earned a lot of praise in a short time. With Igor's fantastic drawing program now a part of the site, visitors get a great opportunity to experiment with colours and shapes online.
Publishing J-Painter wasn't just fun, it is part of our strategy to strengthen Konstverket.net's brand. Being able to send the art in question as postcards is an extra plus and great publicity for us.

CAN I DO IT? You betcha!

I was a bit worried to start with: would I be able to post such an advanced product? What about support and upgrades?
The info on izhuk.com seemed promising. You didn't have to pay until everything was up and running. And if you needed help you could get it quickly and without any fuss.
I wrote a letter and started a great dialogue with Igor. I've been really impressed by all his help and his pleasant manner ever since. But as Igor himself says in his first message: "I run a small company, the personal touch isn't just essential - it's really rewarding."

I sure agree with that!

Christer Barregren

We had a problem with un-edited pictures that was submittet to our intranet website. We were on the edge of developing a "paint"-like program in Applet untill we saw the JPainter project. We decided to buy the product instead of developing it ourselves, which would have been more expensive then buying the JPainter.
The author has been very kindly to correct "improvements" to JPainter and the support on various issues has been quick and precisly.
We are extreamly satisfied with JPainter and the way it integrates totally in our JAVA JSP/servlet framework and we couldn't have wanted a better interface/handling of images then what JPainter offered.

Greetrings from Denmark
Bjarne Joergensen
JPainter is used on an Intranet so there is no link for the public.