J-Painter. Online drawing component.
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The editor consists of several components: Drawing Area, Tool panel, Color panel, Pen Panel, Action panel which work together. Each component can be separately placed, and configured on the page. The developer can define custom cliparts, drawing colors, strokes, patterns, decide which tools are visible and arrange them in preferable order on the page.

See the examples: Sketch   Medicine   Wheather Map   Diagram   Ecard

The editor allows drawing over background image, supports translucent colors, insertion cliparts in GIF, PNG, JEPG, SVG formats, defining custom pens (strokes), and patterns (textures).

Saving the image.

  • The image can be requested in JavaScript as BASE64 string and sent to the server using a regular HTML form or AJAX.
  • The server-side script can be implemented in any language: PHP, .NET, ASP, JSP, etc. to save the image in a file or database or to send it by email.
  • The drawing can be merged with background image or saved as separate layer.
  • The image can be requested in its original size or scaled (for example to produce a thumbnail).

Loading the image.

  • The image can be loaded from the server by its URL.
  • The image can be set from BASE64 string in JavaScript.

Interoperability with your HTML or javascript.

The editor's API exposes single javascript object Painter having various methods. The drawing area and tool panels on the page are represented by <canvas> elements are created by the developer.


Read the developer's guide