Using cliparts

The editor allows inserting cliparts (small images) on the DrawArea. For that it provides the method: putClipart(url,x,y,options), where url must be an image's URL and x,y specify location where to put the image on the DrawArea. The coordinates x,y must be specified relative to the canvas element representing the DrawArea.

The editor doesn't support panels to display collections of cliparts or methods for dragging them onto the DrawArea. You have to create clipart panels yourself using, for example, HTML <img> elements. To drag cliparts onto the DrawArea you can use HTML5 Drag and Drop.

Unfortunately, HTML5 Drag and Drop is not supported on tablet devices (iOS or Android). To support these devices you have to use a different method to deliver cliparts on the DrawArea, for example use onclick event on an image and call the method painter.putClipart(url,x,y) in the event handler.

The examples included in the download package are accompanied by a certain implementation for clipart displaying and insertion but it doesn't claim to be perfect.