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Imaging as Service or as Product

Imaging can be used as Service for free. In Service mode your HTML pages and Imaging customization files are located on your server, user's images are loaded and saved from/to your server, but Imaging code is located on this website. Service mode mainly targets the Product evaluation but can be used for unimportant activities for unlimited time. Service mode restrictions: 1. you can't use https; 2. your users need have access to this website because the code is located on it.

If you want to use Imaging as Service just download the developer's package. If Service restrictions are not acceptable four your purpose you can buy one of the Product license below and install Imaging code on your server.

Product Licenses

License Price How to Get
Domain license
Allows using Imaging on the specified domain name or IP address, for example:,
$75 US Please contact
to purchase
Redistributable license
Allows using Imaging on any number of servers, for example use it as a part of a redistributable web application.
This license doesn't include the product's source code.
$350 US Please contact
to purchase
Redistributable license and the source code
Allows using Imaging at any number of servers. Plus - the product source code is included.
$750 US Please contact
to purchase

Product delivery and support

Upgrade policy